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2024 NFL draft: Giants currently slated to select 5th

by Guest Blogger

Following their 26-25 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, the New York Giants are slated to pick fifth overall in the 2024 NFL draft, per Tankathon.

Of course, the debate continues over whether the Giants should draft a quarterback in April.

With the rarity of picking as high as the Giants are projected, it may be wise to target a QB. On the other hand, general manager Joe Schoen seems to be focused on a plan around Daniel Jones and it would be a questionable decision to move off Jones after just six starts into the contract Schoen and the Giants gave him.

The Giants’ roster needs improvement and has plenty of positions to address if they go in a direction other than QB.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears (via the Carolina Panthers) clinched the first overall pick while the Giants’ division rival, the Washington Commanders, moved up and are now slated to pick second overall.

It’s an odd draft where the only team surely targeting a quarterback would be the New England Patriots (currently 3rd overall). Once the season concludes, you can bet Schoen and the Giants will look at all the options, no matter where they are picking.

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