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After dropped interception, Giants Jason Pinnock knew he’d hear from his dad

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Pinnock said his dad is “going to get on me all the time”

The New York Giants forced six turnovers in Sunday’s 31-19 victory over the Washington Commanders.

It should have been seven. Giants safety Jason Pinnock dropped a second-quarter pass by Washington’s Sam Howell that hit him square in the numbers. Pinnock knew exactly what was coming as soon as he dropped the ball.

Pinnock knew he would be catching grief from his father.

“As I’m on the ground with my head in the turf, I already knew,” Pinnock said. “Because usually, how I grew up for my first 11 years of putting a helmet on, I got it as soon as I got off the sidelines. So, it was just, man, that’s my pop.”

Pinnock’s dad, Louis, taught him the game. He certainly didn’t teach him to drop passes that hit him in the hands.

“He just said, ‘It’s like you only like the hard ones.’ He’s going to get on me all the time; that’s him,” Pinnock said on Monday. “It was just like, you’ve got to move on, glad you didn’t let it pile into other negative plays. That’s the biggest thing. But got to catch the ones that come to you. Those are the free ones.”

Pinnock and the Giants overcame that case of butterfingers. He said Monday that the game is largely about what is going on in your head.

“As much as it is physical, it’s very mental,” Pinnock said. “So, if you’re not confident, which comes from your preparation, you’ll have a hard time out there. You’d be second-guessing yourself; you’d probably be a step behind. In this league, the margin of error is way too small to be a step behind.”

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