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Ben Bredeson praises Giants’ culture after New Orleans embarrassment

by Guest Blogger

The New York Giants’ offensive line has had a tough year, to say the least. They have been ravaged by injuries which has led them to basically start a new lineup every week.

The injuries have disrupted any traction and continuity the unit was hoping to forge this season. As a result, the offense has sputtered and the Giants have come up short on the scoreboard in nine of their 14 games.

One constant along the line has been journeyman Ben Bredeson, a versatile player who has been asked to play all along the line. Bredeson has started 13 of the Giants’ 14 games and leads all offensive players in snaps this season with 810.

The line had been holding up — barely — during the team’s three-game winning streak until they ran into a buzzsaw of a defense in the New Orleans Saints this past weekend.

The Giants’ line was completely overwhelmed and overmatched by the Saints’ defensive front. Quarterback Tommy DeVito got tossed around and pounded way too frequently and Saquon Barkley and the running game went nowhere.

Bredeson was asked what happened down in the Big Easy on Sunday.

“We just didn’t execute well enough,” he said. “You know there are things to improve that we’ve addressed in the film and things were looking forward to correct heading into Philly.”

The Giants face the Eagles on Christmas afternoon, a team that has beaten them in 12 of their last 14 meetings, including the most recent four.

But the sins of New Orleans are on display for all to see. The communication was poor and the talent level was too low of rhyme to compete. Justin Pugh, a former first-round pick who the Giants signed this season ‘right off the couch,’ looked completely washed and perhaps should return to said couch.

Bredeson said it seemed that the line was ‘one piece off’ on run plays and wasn’t able to adjust to the stunts and movements of the Saints defensive line.

“It’s part of the job and you’ve got to block guys and they’re allowed to move so we just have to work in tandem and work as unit and handle the movement and get on our guys and get Saquon through there,” he said.

Bredeson said the unit was not discouraged and will continue to work to improve.

“We have a great culture here. It’s a very process-oriented mindset, that’s something that (Brian Daboll) preaches all the time,” he said. “We’re looking to improve from the last week and correct the mistakes and move forward to the next week and go win a game one week at a time.”

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