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Giants’ Evan Neal training with former All-Pro Willie Anderson

by Dan Benton

The New York Giants have addressed most of their pressing issues this offseason with one lone exception: the offensive line.

There have been a plethora of signings, returns and trades but almost no attention has been paid to the O-line, it seems. In fact, the unit has only grown weaker with the losses of Nick Gates (Washington Commanders) and Jon Feliciano (San Francisco 49ers), leaving the Giants without a true center.

Expectations are that general manager Joe Schoen will address that position in the 2023 NFL draft but even then, the current offensive line inspires little confidence outside of left tackle Andrew Thomas.

The Giants could benefit greatly from a Thomas-like turnaround from right tackle Evan Neal, whose rookie season was marred by injury and inconsistency.

Some have already (and unjustly) written Neal off as a bust but that’s quite premature. Neal still has all of the attributes necessary to become a solid tackle in the NFL and he’s taking nothing for granted this offseason.

Finally feeling a bit more healthy, Neal has begun training with retired NFL offensive lineman and four-time All-Pro, Willie Anderson.

As part of that training, Neal has debuted a new stance.

Anderson also praised Neal and expressed faith that he will not only turn things around but that he will become a dominant tackle in the NFL.

“Been around Evan Neal,” Anderson wrote. “(I) know he has it. We’re playing around with his stance. He’ll eventually get into a stance he feels comfortable with. Long, big guys like him and (Andrew Whitworth) are not human and have a significant advantage because of their feet. He’s going to get (it).”

Anderson also gave a shout-out to Giants offensive line coach Bobby Johnson for encouraging Neal to reach out and train with retired players who previously dominated at the NFL level.

“Shout-out to his O-line coach, Bobby Johnson, of the Giants for encouraging him to (work with) his people in the offseason,” Anderson wrote. “Can’t thank him enough for wanting his guys to get better and not having the ego usually associated with O-line coaches about ‘their guys.’ Salute, Bobby.”

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