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Giants’ John Michael Schmitz taking things on snap at a time

by Dan Benton

When New York Giants rookie center John Michael Schmitz left the practice field on Friday there was a noticeable red stain on his otherwise white jersey.

Was it blood? If so, was it his? Was it someone else’s?

“Could be both,” JMS said with a laugh.

Schmitz has been taking first-team reps this week and remains the favorite to start at center, but he doesn’t feel like he’s earned anything yet. It’s far too early in training camp and he’s not really interested in looking ahead.

“I mean we are just a couple of practices into fall camp. Right now, my main focus is just to continue to keep getting better each and every day and gain that trust with that o-line room and that offense to just prove that I can be out there, and I can make the calls and just be urgent with it,” he said.

“I don’t really kind of focus on (where I get my reps). My main focus is really on just taking that one thing, that you focus on every day, which could be a technique, could just a mental standpoint of it, and just keep getting better at it. That’s how I am looking at it.”

Things certainly aren’t going to come easy for Schmitz, who has drawn the short straw. He’s forced to block All-Pro nose tackle Dexter Lawrence every day, which is a nightmare for those around the league.

“Dex is a great player. All-Pro last year. Great opportunity to go against him every day in practice. Continue to perfect my craft, learn from him, and at the end of the day get better,” Schmitz said matter-of-factly.

That’s the laser focus for the rookie: get better each day. He’s taking things one snap at a time and his sole focus is the next rep.

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