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Giants used some top-30 visits to potentially eliminate prospects

by Dan Benton

With 10 picks in the 2023 NFL draft, the New York Giants and general manager Joe Schoen have a lot of tough decisions to make over the next week-plus.

Do they make all 10 picks? Do they end up trading some of those to maneuver within the draft or acquire a veteran player? All of those options are open.

But one thing is for certain: the Giants and Schoen have done their due diligence this offseason via intense scouting and the allotted top 30 visits.

Not all prospect visits were of a positive nature, however. During his pre-draft press conference on Thursday, Schoen admitted that some visits may have been used to weed out players the Giants don’t believe are team fits.

Understandably, Schoen did not elaborate on which of the team’s 30 visits may have been used for that intel. However, given their wide range of meetings, his comments are certainly interesting and will be open to speculation.

Film isn’t the only thing that counts, Schoen said.

It’s not uncommon that top-30 visits are used to evaluate players on a more personal level but to be a fly on that wall… Keep that in mind when pouring over the Giants’ visits and what they may mean.

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