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Ranking The 2020 NFL Draft O-Line

by Marco Ceo

Breaking Down The Offensive Lineman Of The 2020 NFL Draft. Jedrick Wills Jr., Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, & Mekhi Becton.

The BBB Podcast came together to rank the Offensive Lineman in this year’s draft. Here is Will Presti’s write up of the main four prospects.

Mekhi Becton
6’7” 364 Louisville OT

Positives: A behemoth of a man, he has no trouble swallowing up defenders. Moves well for his size. Solid technique. When he gets his hands on defenders they go backwards. Good for an occasional pancake.

Negatives: Doesn’t always find someone to block. Doesn’t always finish blocks. Angles could use work, especially pass blocking. Wish he would more consistently fire off the ball, find a defender and stay with him.

Summary: Very strong prospect but needs some refining. If he can improve his technique and decision making skills he could be a force.

Tristan Wirfs
6’5” 320 Iowa OT

Positives: Big and strong. Very good run blocker. Finds people and drives them. Good at getting to and finding people on second level. Great athlete with explosive power.

Negatives: Can struggle when defender changes direction. Pass blocking is inconsistent. Angles, footwork and lateral movement could be improved. Arms not especially long which can create unwanted separation allowing defenders to get free.

Summary: Has all the physical tools. Great athlete for his size. If technique and angles are improved he could be a stud in the NFL.

Andrew Thomas
6’5” 315 Georgia OT

Positives: Best technique in the draft. Long arms. Great feet. Big hands. As sticky (ability to put hands on someone and stay in front of them) as anyone in the country. Tenacious attitude. Loves contact. Puts everything into every block. Pops up, sets feet, sticks defender, pushes, repeats. Like a machine.

Negatives: Not an amazing physical specimen. Strong but not a mauler. Doesn’t always get huge push. Can (albeit very rarely) get beaten of the ball.

Summary: I believe he will be a reliable starter for a long time. He may never be a dominant beast, but he will be a dependable protector of the QB and consistently secure holes for RBs.

Jedrick Wills Jr.
6’4” 312 Alabama OT

Positives: Similar to Thomas in many ways. Technically sound. Excellent pass blocker. Moves well. Mean streak comes out occasionally.

Negatives: Sometimes struggles to find someone to block at the second level. Can get beat to a spot thus allowing his assigned defender to make a play. I would love more consistency and follow through on blocks.

Summary: Good footwork. Great pass blocker. Needs to work on getting to spots. Could benefit from playing lower. Overall a strong prospect who should be a solid starter immediately.

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