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NY Giants Crystal Ball 2012

by Mr. Muse


NY Giants Crystal Ball 2012

Call me crazy, maybe I am. Am I a homer? Absolutely! Am I drinking the kool aid?! I might not be to thirsty anymore. However, when I take a closer look at what history tells me, even with one of the toughest schedules ever, I predict the New York Football Giants as repeat Super Bowl winners. You read right….I wrote it. The same team that barely made it to the playoffs, the same team that was playing .500 ball with only two games remaining in the regular season, did what most thought they wouldn’t by winning the NFC East and dominating the tournament.

In looking at past Super Bowl winners, teams have several obstacles to face. They normally get very difficult schedules, lose key assets from both sides of the ball and that includes coaches, get low draft picks, and go through the entire next season with a huge target on their collective backs. This year, for the Giants, much of this has taken place again. Now, that’s the dark cloud of winning a Super Bowl. The silver lining?! Well, it all depends on your respective perspective. From my viewpoint, this is what I see.


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1988, only 3 teams have had losing records. Super Bowl winners Pittsburgh in 2008, Tampa Bay in 2002, and Denver in 1998. In the last 23 years, 5 teams did not return to the tournament and failed to defend their title. Of course, the three teams mentioned above and Pittsburgh Super Bowl winning team in 2005 and the New York Giants of 1990. That’s a record

of 17-5 for returning back to the playoffs. Of those 17 teams, 5 returned to th

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