The Catch #TBT

by Marco Ceo

The Catch

As voted buy Giants Nation, this weeks Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) is David Tyree’s legendary “The Catch” or also named “The Helmet Catch” from the 2008’s Super Bowl XLII. This help propel the New York Giants over the Undefeated New England Patriots, 17-14. Ranked “The Catch” as the #2 Play of the 2000’s only behind the infamous Tuck Rule.

Tyree had caught a touchdown early in that game. He thought that would be his Superbowl moment, except people don’t ask about the touchdown. All the questions were about the catch. His Superbowl moment was pined to his helmet.

As great as that catch was — as great as that moment was — I knew I wasn’t going to have a moment that eclipsed that,” Tyree said

The Breakdown.

Manning called the play On third-and-5 from the Giants’ 44-yard line, Manning in the shotgun formation faces pressure from the Patriots Richard Seymour, Jarvis Green, and Adalius Thomas. being grabbed, hit and almost pulled down Manning was able to stay on his feet and scramble free to the 34-yard line, and heaves a ball down field to a rushing Tyree down field.

Tyree in full extension was locked with Patriots defender Rodney Harrison. Tyree was able catch the ball with both hands, but Harrison caused a jostle of the football. Tyree then pinned the ball against his helmet. When Tyree and Harrison both landed the ball was still pinned against his helmet.

The catch gained 32 yards and gave the Giants a 1st down with 58 seconds remaining. Four plays later, Eli Manning hits a wide open Plaxico Burress for a touchdown that would seal the game for the Giants, 17–14. (I’ll save the Eli to Plax for another #TBT)David Tyree had an unforgettable moment on the biggest stage.

The Play.

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