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Throwback: Lawrence Taylor Headlines WrestleMania

by Marco Ceo

In search of a captivating draw for WrestleMania XI in 1995, the WWE looked for ways to boost their business which had been on the decline. They eventually secured the signing of Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants legend, to cross over and participate on their grandest stage.

Ideas started to surface to have Lawrence Taylor wrestle WWE big man Bam Bam Bigelow for this big spot.

“It was probably December by the time we got with LT. He had announced his retirement and all that, and I wanna say it was after Survivor Series…..again, looking outside of our business and you look at who is gonna face Lawrence Taylor, you’re looking at a big monster of a man with a very unique look that can handle himself in the ring with LT and be able to take LT through a match and know he would be able to get that job done. That was Bam Bam.”

Bruce Prichard WWE executive

LT was joined by several NFL football players to prevent interference from members of DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation, who accompanied Bigelow to the ring. The football players in Taylor’s corner included Steve McMichael, Chris Speilman, Carl Banks, Ken Norton Jr., Rickey Jackson, and Reggie White.

During the match, Taylor quickly gained the upper hand and landed a powerful clothesline that sent Bigelow tumbling out of the ring. However, once Bigelow returned, he took control by relentlessly kicking Taylor and applying a painful Boston crab submission hold to target his opponent’s back.

Despite the odds, Taylor managed to break free from the hold and executed a suplex to throw Bigelow off balance. Bigelow fought back with a series of headbutts and a spectacular moonsault flip that left Taylor reeling on the mat.

However, Taylor refused to stay down and mounted a fierce comeback, only to be knocked down again by a vicious headbutt from Bigelow. Undeterred, Taylor climbed the ropes and launched himself towards Bigelow, striking him with a forearm smash that left the wrestler stunned. Taylor then pinned Bigelow to secure a hard-fought victory.

Taylor’s performance in the match helped to catapult the WWE into the mainstream and paved the way for outsiders to participate in the industry. By breaking down that barrier, Taylor left an indelible mark on professional wrestling.

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