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Andrew Thomas Rough Preseason

by Marco Ceo

Andrew Thomas Rough Preseason.

Giants 1st round pick, Andrew Thomas has had a rough start this preseason, giving up multiple sacks and QB pressures. Giants Head Coach Joe Judge said the blame should be spread around and not just aimed at the Left Tackle.

“It’s funny, sometimes the assessments on the outside don’t really have the entire picture at hand and understanding of all the other 10 pieces, you have to take that with a grain of salt sometimes when you read certain things.”

Also adding.

“Everyone can play better,” he said. “I can coach better, the players can play better. That’s why we’re here practicing. If it was a finished product we’d just sit on the side and relax. We’re here to get better.”

I believe I’ve seen that exact quote from Judge before.

I like Judge, but I also liked Ben McAdoo, sometimes he just gives me McAdoo vibes, but I can put my finger on exactly why.

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Harrison September 10, 2021 - 7:50 am

Could have had Wirfs or Wills or Becton. No idea how Gettleman still has a job.


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