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Build around Daniel Jones

by Marco Ceo

Giants GM Schoen plans to build around Daniel Jones

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen had his introductory press conference on Wednesday. In the presser he laid out the initial plans to build around Daniel Jones, and also put his support behind the Giants quarterback. Schoen stated.

“I’ve looked at Daniel and you know, once the new staff gets in here — offensive coordinator, head coach, entire staff — dive into the film as a group and look at what Daniel does best. We’re going to allow him to put his best foot forward,”

“I’ve looked at him and you know, I wasn’t here in the past, I don’t know what he was told what to do, but I do know this: he’s a great kid, he’s been in the building the last two days I’ve talked to him. There’s not a person who’s said a bad word about his work ethic, passion (or) desire to win. You got to have those traits as a quarterback. The kid has physical abilities. Arm strength, he’s athletic, he can run. So I’m really excited to work with Daniel. When the new staff gets in here, we’ll build an offense around Daniel to accentuate what he does best.”

Joe Schoen

Giants co-owner John Mara also added his thoughts post press conference.

“We’ve done everything possible to screw this kid up since he’s been here.”

John Mara

The Giants will continue to interview to fill their vacant head coaching position, will they grab offensive minded coach to help Jones along?

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