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Dave Gettleman On The Hot Seat

by Marco Ceo

Dave Gettleman Remains On The Hot Seat According To Jay Glazer.

Jay Glazer always has his finger on the pulse of the NFL and especially The New York Giants. Here’s is his latest update on the state of The New York and their General Manager Dave Gettleman.

Questions asked by Ricker81 on The Athletics mailbag.

Given how close It appeared Dave Gettleman was to being let go at the end of the season and John Mara’s comment about him needed to “Get his batting average up,” do you still think he is in the hot seat being that the Giants now have a first-time head coach. If the Giants have another poos season, do you believe he ends up retiring to Cape Cod?

Jay Glazer’s response.

“He made a case to ownership to come back,” Glazer writes. “He presented a plan for how he’ll turn it around in a year. That needs to happen. If it doesn’t happen, he’ll be gone and rightfully so. If he doesn’t follow through, it’s time to go. I would hope that Gettleman has also learned a bit about himself and his interactions with people during this process. Anytime you’re on the hot seat, you have to look inside yourself and say, ‘What’s my responsibility in this?’ and make changes.”

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