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Deshaun Watson Chatter Continues

by Marco Ceo

The Deshaun Watson chatter continues as it is rumored that Brian Flores is a favorite to land the New York Giants head coaching job.

The first piece to fall is hiring a GM, Who will have to convince ownership to pursue Deshaun Watson given his legal troubles at the moment.

The New York Post’s Ian O’Connor believes this is unlikely.

Asking around & I’m having trouble finding someone who thinks John Mara would go for Deshaun Watson. My guess is if Brian Flores ends up coaching the Giants, it will be with Daniel Jones or someone not named Deshaun Watson playing QB…unless Flores makes a helluva sales pitch

Ian O’Connor

I’m in agreement with O’Connor I don’t believe The Giants front office would sign off on this. Most likely they will stick with Daniel Jones or look at for secondary options at QB.

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