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Giants Re-Sign JPP On A 1 Year “Prove It” Deal

by Justin Witmondt

On Tuesday, March 8, the New York Giants reached terms on a 1 year deal worth up to $10.5M with star defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul. After the Cardinals had made what has been reported as a “late push” for Pierre-Paul, the Giants made a push of their own to re-sign their defensive end. The specific terms of the deal are still undisclosed, but if I had to guess, I would say that the base salary for JPP is somewhere around $8M with around $2.5M worth of incentives.

It has also been reported that the Cardinals had offered more money to JPP and that JPP chose New York over more money in Arizona. This should earn him more respect from both the organization, and the fans. As I said, this is a “prove it” deal, in which the Giants don’t want to offer JPP a long-term deal until he can prove he can play on a high level with two and a half fingers missing.

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