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Grading Dave Gettleman So Far

by Marco Ceo

We asked the following question on our social media.
If you had to give Dave Gettleman a number grade (0-100) based on his performance what would it be?

Highlights from the comment section.
Id say about 35 overall. Not answering the phone about the number two pick? Lol wtf? If there’s an offer I want to hear it no matter what. It’s irresponsible behavior he should have never done it let alone say it. Barkley is a savage no doubt but with a good OL you don’t need a great RB just a halfway decent one will be sufficient. If the plan was to keep Eli he should have traded down and took two linemen in the first round. Obviously we need a RB who can dodge tackles in the backfield LOL because the defense is in the backfield… If we had a good OL they wouldn’t be in the backfield. If the plan was to build around manning (which was a bad idea) the execution of that plan was very poor. He might have been able to keep manning and fix the run game in one fowl swoop he could. Danny Dimes was a great pick BUT he missed on Lamar Jackson he was a late first rounder.. again we could have traded down,, grabbed Lamar and and would be sitting just as good if not even better right now. The MASSIVE F-UP is telling me you’re giving a 3rd and a 5th for Williams to seeeeeeeeeeesdeee what we have there? Lmfao he’s on plenty of film and now we have to franchise tag him. Terrible decision overall. Another not great decision was Golden Tate. Again a solid player but I wouldn’t have given a 4 year contract to him. Let’s not forget Nate soldier 10M a year he’s not preformed well and to add to that neither has Sanchez. He hit well on Danny and Slayton so far. I don’t see how I could have given a higher score than 35 which is being generous.
Frank Goozie

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