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Is Joe Judge On The Hot Seat?

by Marco Ceo

Is Joe Judge On The Hot Seat?

CBS Sports compiled a list of NFL head coaches who could potentially be on the hot seat, Included was New York Giants head coach Joe Judge.

Arguably even less safe in the NFC East is Judge, and the organization isn’t afraid to let you know it. Owner John Mara noted this offseason that “everyone is on the hot seat” in New York — from Judge to general manager Dave Gettleman to himself. Including himself was cute and all from a PR standpoint, but we all know owners don’t fire themselves; they fire everyone else. And considering the wild and whacky training camp the Giants had, one that included a rash of swift and unexpected retirements and at least one practice brawl, Judge isn’t exactly off to a magnificent start in his second year as an NFL head coach. Like some others on this list, his fate is also tied to what happens at quarterback, because the Giants passed on taking one atop the 2021 NFL Draft due to their belief in Daniel Jones. If Jones doesn’t start knocking socks off (and if the Giants can’t protect him long enough to allow it), will it be the fault of Gettleman or Judge?

it falls on Gettleman, you can believe he’ll champion his own cause at the expense of Judge (ask Ben McAdoo), because it’s always business and never personal. Gettleman could argue he had a terrific free agency and gave Judge the pieces, and Mara might see his point. However you slice it, if the Giants don’t make noise in the division (and more), Judge better be ready for a tense conversation with an “impatient” Mara.

Call it what you will hot seat, or thin ice it all comes down to the Giants not winning games. Personally I believe a Joe Judge I safe this season and this should fall upon the Dave Gettleman.

If this season doesn’t go well, my prediction is that Dave Gettleman, Jason Garrett, and most likely Daniel Jones will be out the door, and Joe Judge stays.

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Vz September 13, 2021 - 12:29 pm

Stop changing coaches and see what happens good teams don’t change coach every other year


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