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The Next Giants Head Coach

by ReinAllDay

The Next Giants Head Coach

The New York Football Giants got their man, and they kept it internal. If you havent heard the next Giants head coach will be Ben McAdoo, replacing the long loved Tom Coughlin.

McAdoo served as the Giants offensive coordinator over the past two seasons,  and has helped Eli Manning have his two best statistical seasons.

After a dreadful 2013 season where Manning threw 27 interceptions, McAdoo came in, changed the offense and molded Manning into an efficient quarterback, throwing for 65 touchdowns and 28 interceptions the past two seasons.

Making McAdoo the head coach allows the offense to continue thrive and hopefully continue to produce, as they ranked 10th in the league this past season.

Even with all the offensive production was McAdoo the right choice for the job? He comes in as a young unproven new comer having never been a head coach at any level of the game. Serving as the tight end coach and quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers, which he won a super bowl with in 2010.

The Giants turned out to be his first shot at a coordinator position. He has a lot to prove now that he is running the team, multiple sources say he has the same qualities and love for the game as Tom Coughlin did, which will hopefully translate to on the field.

His staff he will be surrounded by two former head coaches, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and soon to be hired offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, which will serve as his support staff if things get rocky.

The Giants will need to surround him with talent to allow him to succeed especially since they have a lot to prove next season. If Jerry Reese can provide McAdoo with some added offensive weapons (can’t always count on Beckham Jr) and some much needed help on the defensive side of the ball they Giants can turn this around and hopefully they do so quickly.


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