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Victor Cruz On Returning To Giants.

by Marco Ceo

Victor Cruz On Returning To Giants.

Victor Cruz latest video tells us why returning to New York is more than just football. 

Cruz earlier this year restructured his contract so he would remain a Giant, some feared his status with the team was in jeopardy after missing a majority of the past two seasons due to injuries.

Giants fans are patiently waiting for Cruz to return and claim the number two receiver spot.

“New York is for me. New Jersey is for me. It’s the place where I grew up. It’s home,” Cruz said on the video. “I understood that and I understood that its bigger than just football. It’s bigger than just me, its bigger than the Giants. Its about the fans, about the people.
The moment I knew that coming back here was a great decision was when the first day I came back into this facility…everyone just coming up to me and being grateful and thankful, hugging me and welcoming me back with open arms. You just don’t get that at any place, any organization, any facility. You don’t get that wherever you go.

You know you really made a mark when people come up to you and tell you what influence you put on their lives. How the things you’ve done and the person you are really changed their perception of you and changed the perception of the team.

I’m just excited to be here with this team again, excited to be around this organization. Excited to play for coach Ben McAdoo, who is a tremendous coach. Excited to play alongside Eli, Odell….I’m just grateful to have this opportunity again. I’m working very, very hard to make sure I’m out there on the field for the long haul and not just for the time being.

With that being said, 2016 NFL season New York Giants…we’re here. Let’s do it.”

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