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Championship Sunday Breakdown

by ReinAllDay

AFC Championship Game

This game was the better of the two games played this weekend. It was close throughout the entire game. The battle of the aging veteran in Peyton Manning versus still very elite Tom Brady. Defense was a major factor in this game, the Patriots offensive line seemed to have no answer for Von Miller and Demarcus Ware coming off the edge. They repeatedly got to Brady disrupting multiple passes and keeping him on the ground for the majority of the game. But the Broncos gave Brady the ball with under two minutes to try to and do what he does best, win. On a forth and four he hits a double covered Rob Gronkowski in the back of the end-zone. The pending two point conversion would send the game into over-time, but Brady’s pass gets tipped and intercepted by the Broncos and that’s all she wrote. Broncos advance and Peyton will play in his fourth super bowl and presumably last game of his career, who currently has a 1-2 record.

NFC Championship Game

This game had less drama then the AFC championship game. The Panthers were dominant and shut down this Cardinals offense who had been ranked second in points and first in yards during the regular season, but as we all know the regular season doesn’t mean anything in the playoffs. They may have been a high powered offense but the Panthers made them look like a mediocre team. It was a blow out from the start with Carson Palmer having six total turnovers, four intercepts and two fumbles. There wasn’t really much of a game to see here. Cam Newton did what Cam had done all season, control the game with a balanced offense and is now on the verge of getting his first ring. Total domination by the Panthers who deserve to move on to the Super Bowl.

Now the Super Bowl match-up is set, the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers, will Peyton go out on top or will Newton continue to dominate? Who you got?!
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