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Corey Washington Seizing The Moment

by Marco Ceo

Corey Washington Seizing The Moment.

Sometimes you just a have to prove people wrong. In sports this is often the case. We all love the underdog story. Its simple when you are given an opportunity, you run with it you seize the moment. This is the case for Corey Washington.

Washington, a 6-foot-4, 214-pound wide receiver from Division II Newberry College went undrafted and originally asked to join the Arizona Cardinals in camp. The Cardinals eventually cut Washington later that May. The Giants lacking a big target wide out signed the undrafted free agent.

I have a big chip on my shoulder,” he says. “I feel like if I’d been to a big school, I’d have been a top-10 wide receiver. People just fell asleep on me because I went to a small school. They expect me not to do nothing big at this level just because of the name of the school. I’m here to prove my point. said Washington.

Washington has impressed in his first two preseason games, scoring impressive touchdowns each game,.

“I feel more at home,” he said of his second NFL team in a career that isn’t even two months old. “The guys here, they welcomed me right away. I love the coaches, the coaches love me. Everything is great.”

His hustle and handwork seem to be paying off.

“I’ll work, that’s it,” Washington said. “Keep showing them I have that ‘want to.’ Get after it every day, grind hard, and show them I can make plays and that it doesn’t matter what school you come from.”

“It’s the Big Apple, man,” Washington said. “It’s every player’s dream. It’s a great organization. I love the players here. I love the fans. It’s just a great opportunity for me.”

It’s looking good, The Giants have a good track record with undrafted wide receivers.


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