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Giants Look To Increase Their Lead In NFC East Vs Washington

by Marco Ceo

Giants Look To Increase Their Lead In NFC East Vs Washington

The New York Giants will travel down to Landover, to face the Washington Redskins in a game where the outcome could provide us the NCF East winner. We asked Anthony (Twitter: @SkinsHogHeaven) from our rival Redskins Blog to state his case why the Skins have a shot, here us what the have to say. 

The Giants are the Redskins’ oldest rival. The Redskins’ first win in franchise history was that 1932, 14-6 affair between the Boston Football Braves and the New York Football Giants. To long-suffering Redskins fans, the G-men are more of a nemesis than the Cowboys are. The ‘Skins are .500 against the ‘Boys since the 2012 season, but 1-6 against the Giants in that span.

The Redskins will turn that around Thanksgiving Weekend. Here are three reasons why the Redskins will beat the Giants.

Djax is back.

DeSean Jackson is still ramping up his deep threat moxie after missing four games. His presence on the field is threat enough. The Giants will be forced to a safety over the top and out of the defensive box. That opens opportunities for TE Jordan Reed and for whoever is rushing for Washington. Jackson loves to compete against the Giants. He missed the first meeting. I can’t wait to see what he does in this one.

There is no place like home.

One critical success factor for rebuilding teams is to win at home. The Redskins have been giant killers (pun intended) at FedEx Field after winning four of five at home. Fans are at war with each other over Cousins vs. Griffin, but now there is the sense of 50-50 odds for a home win, whoever is on the field.

On pass defense, the Giants are worse than the Saints are.

If the offensive line can hold off the Giants’ front seven, The Redskins should make inroads through the air. The G-men are dead last in passing yards allowed and in third-down conversions allowed. Opposing QBs have a 90.6 passer rating. None of that matters if the Redskins don’t take care of the ball. All of the skill players have problems here, while the Giants are +12 in turnover margin. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot, Redskins. Just pretend these guys are the ‘Aints and success can be yours.

(Redskinshogheaven was kind enough to give us a jumpstart to writing our spot, I will add annotations the end of his reasonings.)

And here are three reasons why the Redskins will not beat the Giants. Not spending too many words on this part.

Redskinshogheaven- Eli is elite and elusive.

Eli is the better Manning now. He is comfortable in this offense. He is playing at a high level. Redskins’ defenders could never get him to ground in game one.

Bleedbigblue – Correct, Eli is playing well. He has cut down on the turnovers, and with the exception of one game the Giants have kept them all close. 

Redskinshogheaven – Tom Coughlin

What coach has more wiles than Coughlin does? Not the guy on Washington’s sideline. The Giants have stable leadership with football intelligence. They do not much churn the coaching staff. The ‘Skins may be borrowing from that playbook. Gruden is under fire, but the team dropped a loud hint that he will return next season. There is no advantage to honesty in sports public announcements. I figure that all NFL officials are lying liars who lie. Gruden’s return my not be truth, but it is the right statement for the team to make now. The Giants make these statements all the time.

Bleedbigblue – Coach Coughlin is 7-4 following the bye week. Washington is 1-2 against teams coming off their bye week in the Gruden era. Expect a close game as all the other giants game seem to come down to the last minute. Both Washington and the Giants are improved from there earlier versions of themselves. Going to be close matchup won in the fourth quarter. 

Redskinshogheaven – If you needed fingers, they would call it finger ball.

Redskins’ Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams on Wednesday said on sports talk radio that Jason Pierre-Paul is as disruptive with his cast as he has ever been without one. Just wrap your hands around that.

Bleedbigblue – While Jason Pierre-Paul’s stat line may not look impressive the defense is showing hustle and coming out to prove people wrong. They are causing teams to turn the ball over. This week the Giant welcome back CB Prince Amukamara, Who will be helpful and defending the Redskins passing attack.

 Like I said earlier this one is going to be a close game both teams have a lot to lose. Giants of how the Redskins number recently let’s hope the tradition continues.

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