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Giants coaching interview schedule

by Marco Ceo

Giants coaching interview schedule

Here is the New York Giants upcoming week as far as we know. They are scheduled to interview Dan Quinn today. Also on the interview schedule is Brian Flores and Patrick Graham, The exact timing of these interviews are not known at this moment.

The Giants will have to fulfill the Rooney rule and have an in-person interview with a minority coaching candidate before making a hire, according to multiple sources, including Dan Duggan of the Athletic.

So, Daboll is now available to be hired. Giants are interviewing Dan Quinn tomorrow and reportedly will meet with Brian Flores and Patrick Graham. Can’t hire anyone until they do an in-person interview with a minority due to Rooney Rule

Dan Duggan

After the Bills loss last night Brian Daboll is now available for further interviews, or hiring. He is rumored to be the front runner for the position.

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