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Giants Fall To 3-3 After Loss Philadelphia Eagles 27-7

by Marco Ceo

Giants Fall To 3-3 After Loss Philadelphia Eagles 27-7.

The Giants fell to 3-3 after a disastrous loss to the Philadelphia Eagles 27-7. Initially the Gmen were firing on all cylinders quickly scoring on the first drive, then forcing a three and out when  Philadelphia received the ball. On the Giants next drive they moved the ball well until a Larry Donnell strip / interception, and that is when the wheels fell off. Head coach Tom Coughlin calls it a bad game and bad production.

Well, it’s a bad game, it’s a bad production. We’ve got to be able to handle the big games. The games where things don’t go our way, we’ve got to handle them better. You’ve got handle those situations better. You’re going to always have your little adjustments to adapt to the team that you’re going to play that you may add something to or you may not do something as much of. But you are who you are, and you do have your scheme in hands and you’re going to stay within that scheme as you plan and go forward. You’re going to try and make the players understand how different this could have been had some things been taken advantage of, had we been able to score the second time we marched down there. Just the little teeny things that happen that each play becomes so monumental when you’re playing against a good football team. The third and one, the fourth and one, the opportunity to catch the ball, put it away and not let someone take it from you—all those things add to the winning and the losing and the ebb and the flow that take place during the game. So you’ll make some adjustments. For example, I thought we had some good runs. We had some good runs going for us and our balance might have been better had we been able to do something with the ball to make first downs, not shoot ourselves in the foot so often, there may have been even better balance. Frustration? Yeah, no question about, you can sense it in my voice. Especially when you’ve got a day where you don’t have your team around here. You’ve got tape to look at and the coaches to talk with, but at the same time, because of the nature of the week, you’ve got to move on to the next opponent. You’ve got to get moving.

The Giants Lost their lead in the NFC East and now are tied with Philadelphia with a 3-3 record. Up next to the Dallas Cowboys in another pivotal game for the NFC East. The Giants know that they are still in the mix but must move on past this horrible loss.

Well, you’ve got to shut the turnovers down, there’s no doubt about that. I think the conscientious effort on the part of everybody here will be directed at that. The players have definitely got that message, there’s no doubt. At the expense of anything else, both hands have got to go on the ball and you just can’t be careless, you just can’t. Especially when you go into a game with a team that is leading the league in forced fumbles. I just shake my head sometimes because we’re not aware of, and that’s an area of frustration as well. But remorse, the players will be remorseful because of the opportunity that we had. But let’s not forget there’s a long way to go, we are 3-3. Said Coach Tom Coughlin.

The Giants can help themselves out by beating Dallas, and luckily The Eagles play at a good Carolina Panthers team who are 5-0. It is too early in the season to be hoping for some breaks but the Giants are 3-3 and still in this. Please leave a comment below and feel free to share.

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