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Giants Release LB Jon Beason, G Geoff Schwartz, and OT Will Beatty

by Justin Witmondt

Giants Release LB Jon Beason, G Geoff Schwartz, and OT Will Beatty

In the first major move of the 2016 offseason, the Giants have released LB Jon Beason, and G Geoff Schwartz (per Giants ESPN beat writer: Dan Graziano). It is also expected that the Giants will be releasing OT Will Beatty as the day progresses.

In the beginning of the 2013 NFL season, the Giants traded a 7th Round Pick to the Carolina Panthers in order to get LB Jon Beason. When he was on the field, Beason played well, and was also a big-time leader for the team. Beason recorded 83 total tackles along with 1 interception during his 3 year stint with the Giants. The key factor in Beason’s release was his inability to stay healthy. He was off the field more than he was on the field, playing in just 21 games out of a possible 45 with the Giants. The LB hasn’t officially been released by Big Blue yet, so don’t be surprised if he decides to retire before the Giants get a chance to cut him.

Along with the expected release of Jon Beason, the Giants announced the release of G Geoff Schwartz, which definitely caught a few Giants fans off-guard. Schwartz was great when he played, but just like Jon Beason, he was unable to play during his 2 year span with the Giants. He was only on the field for 13 games out of a possible 32 games. Releasing Beason and Schwartz will give the Giants around $9 million more to spend in free agency.

Although nothing has been announced, many reporters have said that they expect the Giants to release OT Will Beatty by the end of the day. Will Beatty has spent his entire 7 years in the NFL with the Giants. Prior to this season, Will Beatty did not have any major injury problems, unlike Beason and Schwartz. Will Beatty was the ‘star’ of the Giants offensive line from 2012-2014. That being said, to associate the word ‘star’ with anyone who was on the Giants pathetic offensive line from 2012-2014 is just absurd. The reason for Beatty’s release is thanks to former teammate, and first round pick: Ereck Flowers. Although many NFL reporters and writers will say that Flowers had a bad season, which he did, Flowers showed potential to emerge into a great Left Tackle. Beatty’s position was Left Tackle, and he was certainly being paid like a Left Tackle. Scheduled to make over $18 million over the course of the next two years, the Giants knew he had to go. Left Tackles tend to make much more money than Right Tackles since they are responsible for the “Blind Side” for right handed quarterbacks, which Eli Manning is.

With the releases of Jon Beason, Geoff Schwartz, and Will Beatty, expect the Giants to be looking for a RG, RT, and a LB in both the NFL Draft and Free Agency.

Thanks to Will Beatty for a solid 7 year span with Big Blue, as well as Jon Beason’s outstanding leadership with the Giants.

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Marco February 10, 2016 - 1:44 pm

And we are off to the rebuilding process!


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