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Jon Beason Announces Retirement

by Marco Ceo

Jon Beason Announces Retirement.

The official news came out late this afternoon that LB Jon Beason announced his retirement.

Beason a three time Pro Bowl selection and the Giants defensive captain released the following statement via Giants.com

“I always tried to give my all and be competitive,” Beason said. “I wanted to go out and continue to play at a high level, giving my all. I was able to do that.”

“I was able to have some success and set the pace and break records – things I never even really paid attention to until after the fact,” Beason said. “I couldn’t have scripted a better story, coming in as a first-round pick and starting in my first NFL game and setting the club high in tackles, and then breaking it every other year that I played, the Pro Bowls, the All-Pro’s, pinching myself, getting the big contract based on what I had already done; being rewarded for all that was a great feeling. I know that I’m very, very fortunate to have that moment, to have those memories of a certain period of time where I was a big deal.
“The only thing I wish I could have done – I dreamt often of being on the first team to win a championship for the Carolina Panthers. To date, it hasn’t happened. To do something first, I thought was really special and for me to play for the last expansion team, instead of following a legacy of greatness with some of the storied franchises, to do it first was something that was always on my mind. I would say that with everything, even the injuries, the ups and downs of an NFL career, that’s my biggest regret. That’s the thing that looms darkest for me moving forward, knowing that the opportunity has passed me by. It’s something that I’ll have to live with.

Congratulations to Jon Beason, known for his leadership and is a fierce competitor.

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