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Giants Trade BJ Hill For O-Line Help

by Marco Ceo

Giants Trade BJ Hill For O-Line Help.

Trade alert the New York Giants are sending DL B.J. Hill to Cincinnati in exchange for OL Billy Price according to @rapsheet

Trade: The #Giants are trading BJ Hill to the #Bengals and receiving former first-rounder Billy Price.

Rapport Also adds.

The #Bengals former first-round pick has been a key name in trade talks. The #Giants have been searching for OL depth. With Trey Hopkins rapidly improving health-wise, this makes sense for all parties.

The spotlight is on the O-Line given the past history of poor performances. According to the Giants further details are to follow.

Coach Joe Judge confirmed the New York Giants will trade defensive lineman B.J. Hill. The head coach declined to comment on the details until the deal was finalized.

I guess we shall wait for that further info to follow.

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