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Rich Seubert Named New York Giants Top 100 Players

by Marco Ceo

Celebrating 100 Seasons of Giants Football

To honor the Giants’ 100th season, an independent panel of distinguished journalists, NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame executives, and passionate superfans has compiled a list of the Giants’ Top 100 Players. Over 5000 players have worn a Giants jersey, and we are kicking off the list with Rich Seubert.

The “Top 100 Players” Committee includes: Bob Papa (Chair), Pete Abitante, Ernie Accorsi, Judy Battista, John Berti, Linda Cohn, Vinny DiTrani, Bob Glauber, Joe Horrigan, Jay Horwitz, Peter King, Gary Myers, Paul Schwartz, and George Willis.

Rich Seubert – 100

Rich Seubert named New York Giants Top 100 Players. Seubert’s journey with the New York Giants began in 2001. Coming from Western Illinois, he wasn’t a top pick. He joined the team as an undrafted rookie. Seubert’s love for the game was clear from the start. He enjoyed every aspect of football, from the competition to the camaraderie with teammates. His determination and grit turned him into a key player for the Giants.

Overcoming Adversity

In 2003, Seubert faced a major setback. He suffered a severe injury, breaking three bones in his right leg. This injury sidelined him for the entire 2004 season. Despite this, Seubert’s resolve never wavered. He worked hard through a long rehabilitation process. By 2007, he was back as a full-time starter at left guard. That year, he was part of the Giants team that won Super Bowl XLII. His comeback story is one of perseverance and dedication.

The Final Chapter

In 2010, Seubert started all 16 games. He even stepped in as center for an injured Shaun O’Hara in the season finale. Unfortunately, a hit in that game dislocated his right kneecap and caused more damage. This injury marked the end of his career. On the train ride home, Seubert and Coach Tom Coughlin both knew it was over. Seubert’s knee was beyond repair. Though he wanted to play a few more years, the injury had other plans.

Seubert has no regrets about his career. Reflecting on his time with the Giants, he said, “I thought I was playing back at a pretty high level, but then, after one play, it’s over.” He accepted the end with grace, knowing he gave his all. His story is one of resilience, loyalty, and love for the game. Rich Seubert is rightly celebrated as one of the Giants’ top 100 players. He embodies the spirit of the team and the heart of a true Giant.

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