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Big Blue Feeling A Little Green

by Joe Castronovo

Big Blue Feeling A Little Green

We all expected one of New York’s teams to be 0-4 at this point, but we all expected it to be the Jets. Looking back, the Giants should realistically be 1-3. The Cowboys played that game like it was the Super Bowl. It just meant way more for them to beat Eli in Dallas for once than it did for Big Blue. Week 2 against the Broncos, come on. Denver is looking better than any team has looked in years. Even the Chiefs are playing like champions. The only team that the G-Men could’ve legitimately beaten was the team that actually shut them out. The Giants should never be shut out by anybody. It’s so unbelievable, it’s almost suspicious. For a brief moment there, I was thinking “Suck for Luck”? Could it be possible that the G-Men are tanking their season in order to get an heir to Eli? I shook it off and I don’t really believe that any more, but I did for a minute there.

They say you learn more from losing than you do from winning. I’ve learned that a lot of Giants fans are spoiled brats. The people calling in various radio stations saying “Fire Coughlin” need to stop watching football immediately. Cease and desist. Coughlin is a first ballot Hall of Fame coach. The Giants were a bum squad with drunkard for a quarterback and a 4-12 record when Tom Coughlin came to the team. He’s the one that turned the team into the winners you’ve grown

so used to seeing. If this team is in need of rebuilding, there’s no better coach than Tom Coughlin. If the Giants cut him loose, he’ll have a new job within the hour (hopefully with the Jets). Fortunately, for Giants fans, they’re owned by a football family, not some business man who knows nothing about football. I couldn’t see the Maras cutting ties with Tom Coughlin over a season that, realistically, isn’t far below expectations.

Another fortunate bit of luck that has been bestowed upon the Giants, is that the NFC East is the new NFC West. This division is the worst division in football. The 0-4 Giants can still win the division. Remember 2010? Remember when the Giants didn’t make the playoffs with a 10-6 record because the Seattle Seahawks were able to win their looser division with a 7-9 record? Guess what – you’re that guy now. The Cowboys won game one and that’s really all they wanted to do this season; anything else is just gravy to them. The Redskins look awful. The Eggles look like a team in a rebuilding phase. It sounds crazy, but I could still see the Giants winning this division. Just be prepared to hear all that crap you said back in 2010 flung back at you.

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