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Brian Daboll won’t commit to Tommy DeVito as Giants’ starter

by Guest Blogger

The New York Giants officially lost quarterback Daniel Jones for the season on Sunday with a torn ACL and with backup Tyrod Taylor (ribs) on IR and out for at least three more games, Big Blue is scarily thin under center at the moment.

Third-stringer Tommy DeVito, an undrafted rookie, took over for Jones after DJ injured his knee at the end of the first quarter and gave us a preview of what to expect the next month.

It wasn’t pretty. The Giants scored just six points and DeVito was sacked six times. The only progress he made was during ‘garbage time.’ So much for Plan C.

On Monday, head coach Brian Daboll had few answers for the media about the team’s quarterback plans for the rest of the season.

“Well, we have DeVito,” Daboll said with what has to be very little confidence. “(Matt) Barkley’s on the practice squad. We have been back for less than 12 hours, so, I’ll have some meetings today with Joe (Schoen) as the day goes on, and we’ll see where it goes.”

Where it goes can’t be anywhere worse than where it’s been. The Giants’ quarterback plan has been completely flattened by injuries and they are running on fumes.

DeVito is the closest thing the Giants have to any type of normalcy and he’s still trying to find his way. Daboll would not commit to DeVito because he knows you can’t compete in this quarterback-driven league without at least a pro-level quarterback.

“I think Tommy did a good job, but again I’m not going to give you one thing and it’s a different thing,” said Daboll. “I have confidence in Tommy. He’s done a good job. But I’ll sit down and talk with Joe and figure out what’s next.”

What’s next is probably a three- or four-win season and possibly a top two or three pick in next year’s NFL draft. That means they will be starring a t a top quarterback prospect.

The writing is on the wall. The Giants will have to move on from Jones’ $160 million contract and all. He’s had five years to prove himself and, let’s face it, hasn’t really gotten there.

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