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Could Jason Pierre-Paul Return vs Tampa Bay?

by Marco Ceo

Could Jason Pierre-Paul Return vs Tampa Bay?

The Giants seem to be eager to get Jason Pierre -Paul back on the field. After last Sunday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints 52-49, it’s evident that the Giants need all the help they can get defensively.

Head coach Tom Coughlin left that door wide open during his press conference earlier this week.

“If he practices and continues to advance in the way that he has over the last few days that he’s been with us,” Coughlin said, “if we feel good where he is physically after he goes through (an increased practice workload), then that would be a decision that we would be confident in making.”

Coughlin also added.

“We’ll increase everything [this week],” Coughlin said. “We’ll increase the number of snaps. We’ve had a couple of sessions with him in pads when others were not on the field. We’ll have two good practices with him. We’ll push the envelope with him to test the conditioning. Just the advancement of the player and the continuation of developing his conditioning in the uniform. And then the ability to deliver a blow, to accept a blow, to have his hand placement be exactly where it has to be. And then of course the opportunity to regain his timing as he becomes a threat in the passing game.”

Do you think the addition of JPP into the lineup might be a great motivating force going forward?

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