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New York Shuts Down DraftKings And Fan Duel

by Marco Ceo

New York Shuts Down DraftKings And Fan Duel.

An agreement was made between the Attorney General’s office,  DraftKings & Fan Duel to stop paid fantasy sports effective immediately. Below is a snippet of DraftKings Official statement.

We are writing to let you know that, effective today, as part of a settlement reached with the Attorney General’s office, DraftKings will stop offering paid fantasy sports contests in New York State.

We understand that this news may be disappointing and we know that you are as passionate as we are about playing fantasy sports in NY. We will continue to work with state lawmakers to enact fantasy sports legislation, as we believe this to be the best path forward for New Yorkers to play the fantasy games they love.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman  also released his own statement.

“As I’ve said from the start, my job is to enforce the law, and starting today, DraftKings and FanDuel will abide by it. Today’s agreement also creates an expedited path to resolve this litigation should that law change or upon a decision by the appellate division,”

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Reference: Alex Spiro.

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