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Redskins To Pass on Chase Young?

by Marco Ceo

Washington Redskins To Pass on Chase Young? It seems unlikley but the rumors continue to bubble. If ultimately true, it would shake up the draft for sure!

The Rumor received some validation from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport. The belief is that The Redskins like Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, enough to move on from Dwayne Haskins.

It still seems out of reach for the New York Football Giants to land Young, as Detroit would love it if he fell to them with the 3rd pick in the draft.

Quote from Washington Head Coach Ron Rivera

“If you’re going to make a trade and you’re going to go back, that guy you’re going to take at that spot has to be able to make the kind of impact you need to validate missing an opportunity to take a player that’s a high-impact guy,” Rivera said, via NBC Sports Washington.

“In other words, if you’re going to pass up Player A and you go back and you’re going to take Player D, Player D has to be equal to Player A because if Player A is going to play for you for 10 years and Player D may not, then did you really get value or did you just get a whole bunch of picks? You’ve got to be able to sit there and say that the next guy that I’m going to take is going to be that high-impact guy, and that’s what I’m looking for. That’s what I believe we need is we need a guy that’s going to come in and really change our football team. To me, there’s a few guys on that board that are those kind of players.”

Podcast Episode Archive Chase Young falling to the Giants.

We spoke about the possibility of the Redskins passing on Chase Young and the probability of the Giants landing him.
Published January 30, 2010.

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