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Giants sign….Giants sign… seems like a daily occurrence since this off-season has officially begun. At least the Giants organization is not taking a losing season lightly and there is some turnover going down this off-season. (which was needed no more loyalty for past success when it does not translate to present play) So I was looking at all these signings, which I am sure most of you have been doing as well and noticed they all seem to be similar. (Oh my God, was there a plan)

Here are the Giants Transactions since the beginning of the year:

Date / Description
04/04/2014 Travis Harvey (WR) – Signed as a Free Agent
23 I didn’t find terms of the deal and it will be a miracle if he makes the team

04/04/2014 Kellen Davis (TE) – Signed as a Free Agent
28 1 yr Not sure of the money


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Robert Ayers (DE) – Signed as a Free Agent
28 2yr deal not sure of the money

04/01/2014 Charles Brown (OT) – Signed as a Free Agent
26 1 yr $795,000

03/31/2014 Zack Bowman (CB) – Signed as a Free Agent
29 1 yr $795,000

03/31/2014 Mike Patterson (DT) – Re-Signed
30 1 yr $920,000

03/21/2014 John Jerry (OL) – Signed as a Free Agent
27 1 yr $795,000

03/18/2014 Mario Manningham (WR) – Signed as a Free Agent
27 1 yr $795,000

03/17/2014 Spencer Paysinger (LB) – Signed Restricted Free Agent Tender
25 1 yr $1,431,000

03/17/2014 Trindon Holliday (WR/KR) – Signed as a Free Agent
27 1 yr $700,000

03/17/2014 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB) – Signed as Free Agent
27 5 yr $35,000,000

03/16/2014 Walter Thurmond (CB) – Signed as a Free Agent
26 1 yr $3,000,000

03/16/2014 Quintin Demps (S) – Signed as a Free Agent
28 1 yr $1,000,000

03/14/2014 Jameel McClain (LB) – signed as free agent
28 2 yr $4,500,000

03/14/2014 Jon Beason (LB) – Re-Signs
29 3 yr $16,800,000

03/14/2014 Henry Hynoski (FB) – Re-signs
25 1 yr $1,000,000

03/12/2014 Curtis Painter (QB) – Re-Signed
28 1 yr $795,000

03/12/2014 Peyton Hillis (RB) – Re-Signed
28 2 yr $1,800,000

03/12/2014 Trumaine McBride (CB) – Re-Signed
28 2 yr $2,875,000

03/12/2014 J.D. Walton (C) – Signed as a Free Agent
27 2 yr $6,000,000

03/12/2014 Rashad Jennings (RB) – Signed as a Free Agent
29 4 yr $10,000,000

03/12/2014 Geoff Schwartz (G) – Signed as a Free Agent
27 4 yr $16,800,000

03/12/2014 Josh Brown (K) – Signed to Contract Extension
34 2 yr $2,500,000

03/12/2014 Marcus Dowtin (LB) – Waived

03/12/2014 Stevie Brown (S) – Signed to Contract Extension
26 1 yr $2,750,000

03/12/2014 David Baas (C) – Contract Terminated

01/13/2014 Jordan Gay (P) – Signed to Reserve/Futures contract

01/07/2014 Preston Parker (WR) – Signed as a free agent
27 2 yr $1,230,000

01/07/2014 Troy Kropog (OL) – Signed as a free agent
27 2 yr $1,390,000

01/07/2014 Daniel Fells (TE) – Signed as a Free Agent
30 1 yr $730,000

01/07/2014 Spencer Adkins (LB) – Signed as a Free Agent
26 1 yr $645,000

01/06/2014 Brandon McManus (K) – Signed as Free Agent
22 2 yr $930,000

So what did you take from this list the average age of the person signed is 27.3 and for the most part everyone is getting prove it deals which are 1 to 2 yr. deals.

These are my thoughts from those signings:

  1. Youth. It shows me that they wanted to get younger if you are over 30 it’s time to move on from you because we want people in the prime age of their careers where they are playing well enough in the league to still be in the league at that age. (The average player does not stay in the league more than 3 years)
  2. Injury concerns. Did not want another year of people having most of our team on the injury list so from what I can see there aren’t a lot of people on this list that have a history of injuries and if they do (which I am not aware of) there is little risk.
  3. Knowing what it takes to win. They wanted experienced winners hence you see most of these free agents coming from this past year’s playoff teams and super bowl teams (Thurmond, Rodgers-Cromartie, Ayers, Davis, Holliday)
  4. Win now. There is an urgency to win this year. This team is not built for the future it can be because it is easier to re-sign for the Giants than it is to sign. But with all these 1 to 2 year deals these players came together maybe for less security to win now or they want a chance to show they are worth big money after this contract so what better way than to highlight yourself than getting into the playoffs or Super Bowl.
  5. Motivation. Giving the players a sense of fear/motivation because the Giants are showing if we don’t win we are not scared to change everything up once again. They will not be stuck under huge contracts that make it difficult to turnover the roster if that is needed.
  6. In Coughlin we trust. Last it shows me the confidence the Giants have in Tom Coughlin to bring all these new individuals into the fold and believe that he can show them the way to the promise land even being the oldest head coach in the league.

So my question is this does the front office of the Giants believe more in Coughlin’s abilities as a coach or are they counting on all these experienced winners to lead the way, maybe both.

Giants are working as a team that is not building for the future but trying to WIN this year but with the potential to continue to win for a few more years. I know the window is starting to close on our time with Tom Coughlin but the Giants are trying to ensure that he makes the Hall of Fame (which he should be in as soon as he retires), by getting him at least one more ring.

The opportunity is there for Coughlin to go out on top by doing one of his best coaching jobs ever.

The Draft is coming……..Go Giants!!!!!!

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