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For the Love of the Giants

by Guest Blogger

For the Love of the Giants

As I stand amongst my family and friends dressed in my favorite blue and white jersey with the name Strahan written across the back, I stare ever so patiently watching the empty tunnel on the field that will soon be filled with the mighty men that make up my favorite team the New York Football Giants.

As I wait I think about the anticipation that I feel to watch the Giants play, then I feel anxious. Anxious that the game isn’t going to turn out in favor of the Giants, then it happens! I see the team that I love leaving the tunnel. I can see the players dressed in the same blue and white jerseys that I wear and at that moment all I feel is pride!

All of the anxiousness that I once possessed is gone in that moment. The mere sight of this team and the amount of passion that I feel for them, in that instant everything else is obsolete. I know that with every completed pass and every run that converts to a 1st down it takes the Giants one step closer to that end zone. And when they make it down that long field into that end zone and I see the ref signal that there is a touch down the elation that I feel consumes me!

Every play that is called and is executed perfectly from beginning to end shows me the amount of skill and talent that this team truly does posses. I know that every play won’t be successful, but it’s the fight and will that the Giants have to always improve that makes me love and respect them so much. Even when they have played a terrible game where hardly anything has went their way they always strive to improve, and us as fans have to always stand behind our boys in blue and white and support them in every way that we know how.

It’s the fans that drive the Giants to constantly want to fight harder and do better. They know the undying love that their fans have for them, and they never want to disappoint us or ever let us down. We all stand together as one unit fighting towards the same goal, to be Super Bowl Champs once again!

As the offseason ends and the start of a new season begins, we are all very excited and anxious to see what kind of season that Big Blue will have. After a few seasons of disappointment for this team and their fans, we all hang on to the hope that this upcoming season will be an outstanding one for the G-Men. Last season was squandered with many low scoring games and a team that was just racked with injuries. Even being down so many players, by the end of the season we all still saw the Giants fighting and improving. This is a team that will never give up. It’s for our love of the Giants why this team will keep on striving for greatness and will one day be champs once again!

“For the Love of the Giants” was written by Guest blogger Mandy Moses Please leave feedback in the comment field below, I would love to know what you think.

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