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Giants Fans Questions and Answers Part 2

by James Doino

Giants Questions and Answers

Hello Bleed Big Bluers ..here is Round 2 of the questions I received from our brethren out there in social media land on some pressing issues concerning our Giants heading into this year.  In this post we will answer some of the questions from our Bleed Big Blue Faithful and provide you with ways at the end to get your Giants questions answered for the next go round…and I hope to see you all at the Bleed Big Blue pig roast with Pig Guy NYC  to open the season at Mad River Manayunk in Philadelphia…(shamless plug)…visit bleedbigblue.com for tickets…and now your questions.


Corey Aron from Big Blue United asks…”Do you think chemistry with the team will click instantly or will they have to wait until a certain point of the season for them to truly get the wheels going in this new system?”

What up Corey?  And thanks for the question.  I think anyone telling you that they are going to come out firing right out of the gate is being a bit naïve.  Eli, the WR’s, the RB and TE’s are playing in a new system and there is a new O’Line in front of him.  It is going to take time.

Now don’t get me wrong…This doesn’t mean they are excused if they come out and shit the bed like they did last year.  There is no excuse for playing that bad….ever again.  These are still professional football players being led by a two time Super Bowl MVP.  A level a competency is expected. And with the talent they have and how the game caters more to the offense they damn well better put up points.

With this defense, even being able to play field position, by moving the chains and punt is a win instead of a turnover or a 3 and out.

In my season preview I finished up by saying …”Do the Giants have question marks this season?  Hell yeah they do…but what team doesn’t? In the NFL nowadays it’s not about who the best is in September, but who can continue to get better in October, November and December to prepare for a run in January.”

I think this offense could be very balanced this season.  The running game should be back, the WR’s have big play potential and the line is going to surprise some people as well, even with the loss of Snee.  This is team that should get better as the year goes along…if they stay healthy I think there will be a vast improvement from September when X-mas comes around.


Greg Wilson (whom I am Champion over because my fantasy team Ka-kaaaw is a fantasy football 3 out of 4 years effin juggernaut) asks…”Who’s going to be #2 WR? Will Cruz have a huge year? Can Wilson become the #1 back? Can u ever stop Kakaaaaawing?”

Let’s take these one at a time…

  1. # 2 WR? – I think the depth chart is meaningless for the WR’s. If we are talking depth chart, it probably reads Cruz, Randle, Beckham Jr, Jernigan etc… but you can bet in all 3 WR sets Cruz will be in the slot and flanked by Randle or one of the others. The answer to your question technically is Randle but it depends on the offensive formation.
  2. YES!! – Salsa away my friend on the beaches of Del Ray…. Cruz is going to be used much like Randall Cobb was last year.  Eli and Cruz have a good rapport already so look for big things from Cruz all season long.
  3. I don’t think we need Wilson to be the number one back.  I think Jennings and Williams can handle the load and Wilson can be explosive returning kicks and getting 7-10 carries a game along with a catch or two. All of this depends on if he doesn’t fumble of course and his neck...(This was written before the stinger…we are all holding our breath for #22)
  4. And NO…not ever. Kakaaaaw


Tom Farish asks via the Facebook asks….”Do you think Hillis will be used as a trade option down the road, since they’re so stacked at RB?”

What ‘s up Tommy…and thanks for your query.  Would you trade for Hillis if you were another team?…I wouldn’t at all. I can get a younger back in round 7 next year with less wear and tear on his legs.

But I’d keep Hillis for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t think we are as deep as we think we are at RB. Jennings we all like and I think he will be a great fit, but who’s after him?  We have a rookie, a question mark named David Wilson and Michael Cox.  Hillis should make this team as the 4th back and provide some depth.
  2. Hillis should be learning the FB roll in camp as well.  The Giants will only be keeping one FB on the roster and having Hillis know that role would be vital if an injury occurred.  Look at how Green Bay used John Kuhn all these seasons… Can’t you see Hillis being used the same way?

Jennfer Jovino-Small ponders via the Facebook — “What is the plan for our linebackers? Our tradition has always been to pound the rock and play good defense and we haven’t had that in the past 3/4 yrs.”

(In my The Ladies Man voice)…”Look gentlemen, it’s a lady.”

Thank you for the questions Jen.  I’m going to assume that the 2nd part of the question ties in with the linebacker question.

First off…this defense was good last year.  8th in the league is pretty damn good. The problem was the offense and the turnovers.

2nd…If you look at the last decade since Eli and Gilbride came along, this has been a more pass orientated offense. Yes, we’ve had good years running the ball but remember we won the Super Bowl in 2011 with the worst running game in the league.  It is more about balance then anything else and the additions of Jennings and Williams should improve the run game drastically.

3rd… linebackers? I think you all are going to be surprised by the TE’s and these backers.  Everyone I talk to is so worried.  Well I am here to tell you like I’m Frankie on my way to Hollywood… Relax don’t do it…When you want to go to it….Relax don’t do it…When you want to come…”

Beason will be back during preseason and we all know what he brings to the table.  Jacquian Williams as Beason said this week is ready to take the next step and Devon Kennard looks like the real deal.  With Paysinger, McClain and Herzlich around as well, I expect big things from this group this year.  This may be the best group of linebackers we have had in a long time around these parts.  What you can expect from this crew is to be fast, excel in coverage and be physical in the run game.  We have a nice group of talent and Perry Fewell will utilize them based on the defensive call,  sub-packages and down and distance. They have a lot of quality pieces.

Questions from the Twitter…

@barzfrommers asks … “How do Eli’s footwork and mechanics look with the new line?”

All reports we are seeing say Eli looks good.  During an interview with Mike Francesa this week Eli said he went back to look at the film from last year.  Now this can’t help him with the new offense, but he did say it helped him point out some mechanical flaws and bad habits he had.  A lot of this goes hand and hand with the offensive line.  With the improved line and the new offense, which is going to call for the ball to be out of Eli’s hands quicker, have faith our 2 time SB MYP will correct last years bad habits and have great command of his game as well as this offense.

@pdemar16 asks…“Are there any Giants signings anytime soon?”

We have heard the name Jermichael Finley thrown around at times, but I for one think Finley and his inconsistent hands and big mouth would be a waste of money.  There is always a chance that a guy gets cut and Jerry Reese pounces, but it wont be anyone huge.  With 7 million to spend cap wise the Giants can add players if they wanted to but it really begs the question who is out there to add?  One player I would kick the tires on is Richie Incognito…I know he is certifiably insane, but I like that in my lineman and he could come cheap and with a chip on his shoulder…not like we couldn’t use a right guard.

@dash4life ponders “Will this years Giants be better then last years team?”

Dear 8lb 6oz new born infant Jesus we all hope so!!  The bottom line is they should be.  Now that means jack shit once the games start.  Having more talent and playing like shit stills means you lose the game.  I don’t think last years team was as good as we thought before the season started.  But as Giants fans be grateful that your owner, general manager and coach recognized changes needed to be made and made them.  36 Free agents were brought in this off season and that alone is reason to be excited.  This roster is younger, more athletic and they seem reenergized.  This secondary, a revamped LB unit, a healthy JPP and a emerging duo of Hankins and Damontre Moore should improve a defense that was 8th in the league last year.  And this offense should be night and day with the additions on the line, at WR and RB positions.  This team will go as far the 2 time Super Bowl winning pair of Coughlin and Manning can take them.

Keep em coming Big Blue Family — And enjoy the Hall Of Fame Game — Remember it’s pre-season, so don’t get hell bent on winning the game.  I’d rather them go 0-5 and come out of the preseason healthy.

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