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Giants will likely be without their starting quarterback in Week 6

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The New York Giants may be gearing up for Week 6 against the Buffalo Bills without their starting quarterback, Daniel Jones. As the week progresses, this scenario is becoming increasingly likely.

Injury Woes for Jones

Jones took a significant hit after backup tackle Josh Ezeudu failed to protect the left side. This blindside hit caused a severe whiplash to Jones’ neck, prompting backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor to step in.

Now, with Jones missing two straight practice sessions, the situation is growing dire. If he’s absent again on Friday, it’s almost certain he won’t be available for Sunday’s clash. This is a significant setback for the Giants, especially when strategizing for the formidable Buffalo defense.

A Challenging Season for Jones

This season has been tough for Jones, largely due to a struggling offensive line. This unit has conceded a whopping 100 pressures and 18 sacks over a mere five weeks. With this constant pressure, Jones has managed to tally only 884 yards, two passing touchdowns, and six interceptions. Disturbingly, he hasn’t thrown for more than 15 touchdowns since his 2019 rookie season under Pat Shurmur’s guidance.

While fans hoped to see the Giants up their game with explosive plays this season, Jones has been somewhat conservative. He’s only attempted nine passes that travel 20+ yards downfield, putting him at 30th in the league. Even Jimmy Garoppolo, not particularly known for a strong arm, has taken more downfield shots. It’s clear the Giants’ offensive strategy is in disarray.

Taylor Takes the Helm for the Giants?

Should Jones be sidelined, the responsibility falls to Taylor to face off against his former team, the Bills. Taylor, however, has his own history of injuries, often resulting from extending plays and taking unnecessary hits. The Giants will have their fingers crossed that he can weather the storm. To add to their challenges, star left tackle Andrew Thomas is likely out, and star running back Saquon Barkley continues to recover from a high ankle sprain. It’s evident the Giants are gearing up for a significant challenge this weekend.

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