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Jason Pierre-Paul Could Miss The Entire Year

by Marco Ceo

Jason Pierre-Paul Could Miss The Entire Year

ESPN reporter Dan Graziano warns fellow Giants Fans that JPP may be missed for the entire season. Many items are in limbo including JPP’s health, contract, and recovery timetable. The Giants as an organization float on the conservative side.

The New York Giants feel the damage to Jason Pierre-Paul’s right hand is worse than they were led to believe, sources said, and after the team got a chance to examine him on Monday, there are people in the organization who fear he might not be able to return to the field at all this year.

One source said that, in addition to the missing right index finger, fractured thumb and skin grafts — a portion of one of the other fingers on Pierre-Paul’s right hand is missing

Not everyone in the Giants organization has given up on the idea of Pierre-Paul returning. And some who saw him in the building Monday were encouraged by his attitude, his demeanor and his physical condition apart from the hand. But the prevailing sentiment around the Giants is one of frustration over the unknown. There is simply no way for them to know when Pierre-Paul will be ready to play, or how good he will be once ready.

Pierre-Paul continues to work out on his own, rehabbing and training with his own doctors, trainers and coaches near his home in South Florida. When he was in East Rutherford, New Jersey, this past week, Pierre-Paul offered to play if the team could outfit him with a protective device for his hand. But given the cost of paying Pierre-Paul on the franchise tag (about $871,000 per game), the Giants didn’t want to put him on the field at less than 100 percent.

If your plans were to see JPP mid season, we all may have to alter them. Please leave a comment below.

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