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NY Giants Positive Outlook For 2015

by Guest Blogger

NY Giants Positive Outlook For 2015

The 2014 season for the NY Giants has come to end with their 34 to 36 lost to the Eagles breaking their three game winning streak. It’s not how Giants fans wanted to end this season, but it happened. The Giants finished this  season with a 6- 10 record.  While many have been fustrated with them this season; I have hope for NY Giants next season.

It’s no secret the offense  has been the biggest thorn in NYG’s side and needed some changes. The Giants got that change with a new offensive coordinate who presented the team with a whole new offensive scheme which offers a much faster pace and quicker ball release. Another change was the running game. Last season it was scarce at best, but this season we saw our runningbacks grab some yards. Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams both have over 500 rushing yards this season.   This may not be the same yardage of DeMarco Murray, but I can certainly see potential and it was better than last season.

Our receivers have been dynamic, especially with the addition of rookie Odell Beckham. I don’t think i have  to reiterated the superb athleticism that Beckham has shown. His amazing catches, his quickness, and his ability to make plays; has me very excited to see what he can do next season. He got eleven touchdowns this season to boot.  He has uplifted the team in more ways than one can imagine, and considering he’s just a rookie:  the future with him on the Giants is looking very bright.  Our tight end, Larry Donnell, has made a pretty impressive impact on our team as well. In the beginning of the season,  he caught six touchdowns passes*. Sadly, Ruben Randle has been quiet this season with only three touchdowns as opposed to six touchdowns last season.  Ruben was benched in the previous game, and then was put in against the Eagles in which he showed us that he is worthy of a spot on this team.

The offensive line, since last season, needed the most help. Last season Eli was sacked a total of 39 times*. This left Giants fans fuming, and wondering why the offensive line was so porous.  This season, Eli has been sacked 28 times which averages out to be 2 sacks a game*.  This number can be a lot worst. Yet, it still needs improvement.  We can’t forget about Geoff Schwartz who has made an impact this season. Unfortunately, injuries kept him off the field. Pugh seemed to be struggling, but , maybe, repostioning him on the line may help.  Does this mean that the offensive line is improving? Yes, but not where it needs to be in order to be on par with other incredible, fast pace, offensives like: the Eagles, Cowboys, and Packers.

One can argue that NY Giants defense was not all what’s it’s cracked up to be either, but there were some notable players on the defense:  Jason Pierre Paul with the 11 sacks, and  Jonathan Hankins, Jameel McClain, and Devon Kennard, had a good year with a number of sacks*. Many can argue that JPP was not himself much in the beginning of season. Fans were waiting for him to step up and start making some plays.  It was later in the season  that JPP seemed to be re-energized and proved to be the menace to opposing team’s quarterbacks.  However, the Giants are ranked twenty-eighth in yards allowed per game and twenty-first for points allowed each game.  These stats alone could verify that even the Defense struggled this season as well.   Jason Pierre- Paul  will be a free agent after this season, and it remains to be seen if he stays or leaves. Can’t deny that JPP is a big ,athletic, and is  pretty dangerous.  The defensive line can use a player like him, a healthy JPP, to give a much needed boost in the next season.

Overall, i am optimistic for the Giants next season.  At first, it was quite scary,  but we have to remember that Giants had many injured players and getting to know a new offensive scheme  takes time.  The key is to keep the players healthy. Cruz’s devastating injury hurt the team, not only losing another talented player, but for morale.  They were lucky that Beckham came back after being out for the beginning of the season and being so explosive.  I see potential. I see a team, if organized, and gelled together properly, can definitely rebuild themselves.   There is no telling what next season as in store for the Giants, but i am hoping for the best.  I am looking forward to see a super offense and a power defense with so many weapons and talented players.

Here’s to an exciting 2015 NY GIANTS season!

Stat sources: NFL.com, ESPN.com & Sport Illustrated.com

NY Giants Positive Outlook For 2015 was written by Guest blogger Angela Whiting Please leave feedback in the comment field below, I would love to know what you think.

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