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Odell Beckham Keeping His Emotions In Check Is Essential

by Marco Ceo

Odell Beckham Keeping his Emotions in Check is Essential.

It isn’t news that Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t excel in hiding his emotions. The third year NFL star has had issues with controlling how he feels on the field.

First, it was throwing fits and taking swings at a St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams player, then when cooling down and getting it under control we had the Josh Norman incident.

Norman was talking trash a couple weeks prior the match up, while both teams were on the field warming up, he decided to approach Beckham holding a bat which is some ritual the Carolina Panthers  the team has for good luck.

Though fellow Giants players held him back and brought him away from the situation, during the game, it got ugly where both players suspended for one game.

Norman and Beckham continue their beef, including another heated twitter exchange. Is Beckham having a grip on his emotional control going to be necessary in this upcoming season? Yes. Yes indeed.

His fellow leaders, Eli Manning, and Victor Cruz, have had many talks with him during this off season, talking about how to gather himself before he snaps and takes swings against other players, or even refs if it comes down to it.

Having Cruz out on the field with Beckham is beneficial, because Cruz knows what it’s like being in that exact position, and the two could end up a dynamic duo. He is now known to be an easy target, because it’s obvious what you can do to irk him.

What is important is that Beckham can control his emotions. We as the New York Football Giants Nation need more insane speed, and one handed catches that blow everyone else out of the water. Having more suspensions over losing his cool is not worth it, especially if we want to get out of this upcoming five-year drought of a Super Bowl. Odell, we need you.


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