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Brandon Jacobs NFL Comeback?

by Marco Ceo

Former New York Giant Brandon Jacobs trying an NFL comeback as defensive end?

Let’s take the words right from Brandon Jacobs mouth, or Twitter, and sometimes Instagram.

“Well since Tebow came back after being off a good bit, I am announcing today that I to will comeback. I will play defensive end for whatever team gives me a chance!!!”

“I am really serious about coming back as a defensive end. I can still run, I am strong and there’s no way Tim Tebow is a better athlete than I am. I just need a shot that’s it!! If I can’t cut it I’ll take it like a man. Just give me one chance that’s all!!”

“It’s amazing the hate coming my way.”

“@Giants I am ready. I am ready to hit sack any QB out there.”

“Just a FYI that pic I posted was me not doing anything for months. Today this all came about. So that’s me not doing anything at all give me 2 weeks and watch the difference.”

“When I’m in tip-top shape, I am going to look better than anyone out there; I am going to move better than anyone out there, That’s just facts.”

“It started off as a joke and ended up serious. I am dead fucking serious,” Jacobs said, adding that he’ll be up early on Friday morning to workout.

Another New York Giants legend chimes in!

I would love to see it happen, also he gets the thumbs up from New York Giants Legend and Former QB Eli Manning!

Once a Giants Always a Giant!

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