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Interview With Evan Silva

by Marco Ceo

Interview With Establish The Run Co-founder Evan Silva

If you told me a couple of years ago I would have a chance to speak to Fantasy Football Guru, Evan Silva, I would have laughed at you.

Now, sometime later, after teaming to take on the Sports Pope, Mike Francesa, we were able to catch up to discuss the New York Giants and the draft class of 2020.

We also touched on the direction of the Giants, turmoil in Packers land, Aaron Rodgers next stop, Cobra Kai, Batman, and will there be football next season.

You may know Evan Silva from the absolute best Fantasy football MatchUp Column on the internet. Formerly with Rotoworld.com, Evan has since joined with cofounder Adam Levitan, to start EstablishTheRun.com. The top of the line for Fantasy Football information, Establish The Run provides its subscribers with information sure to give you an advantage over your opponents no matter your choice of format. Whether its Dynasty, DFS, or just a yearly league with your friends, if you are not using Establish The Run? Well, you can play in my league any day….

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