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Are The New York Giants Now Relevant?

by Marco Ceo

After The 2020 NFL Draft Are The New York Giants Relevant Again, how Relevant Will They Be?  

Are The NY Giants Relevant Now?  NY Giants 2020 Draft Review   

The NY Giants 2020 NFL Draft went off without a hitch.  Who thought that streaming would be an issue? The team held the 4th pick in 1st round and took Georgia OT Andrew Thomas.  At the conclusion of the draft, Big Blue made 10 picks over the 7 rounds.  For the most part, reviews from outlets such as CBS and the New York Post have been favorable.  With that said… let’s get straight to the point.  Will these draft picks assist the team in improving on a 2019 4-12 record?

What do the Odds Makers Say?

The Giants are projected to have a sub .500 record.  A record that puts them at the bottom of the barrel within the NFC East. From the 2020 NFL Draft, Vegas oddsmakers have not exactly gone out of their way to adjust the teams OVER / UNDER win total line.  As of today, the NY Giants OVER / UNDER win total line sits at 6 games. Comment below… what side of the fence are you sitting on?  Are you leaning toward NYG OVER Or UNDER 6 Wins?  

StatementGames – New York Giants OVER / UNDER 6 Wins?  

Some Of the Crew at Bleed Big Blue are optimistic that this team will be improved, while others are a little more NEGATIVE.  Regardless, this year, when football returns (hopefully sooner, rather than later) we would play this OVER / UNDER NFL 2020 WINS game on StatementGames.  In the past, you have heard us chat about StatementGames and the innovation they are bringing to the Fantasy Football industry.  A 1-minute overview of how their platform is positioned can be seen in the video below:  


From the video notice how their game combines traditional elements of Fantasy sports with prop betting.  In addition to the StatementGames Web Site, the games they published can be accessed via the iOS App or Google Play App.   This is a FREE 2 Play platform that gives you an opportunity to WIN REAL Cash! 

Here is how this NFL 2020 OVER / UNDER WINS game works.  Once you get into the game:  1. Review the list of all 31 NFL teams and their projected WIN Totals.  2. Make 10 Picks.  From the list make 10 OVER / UNDER WIN Total projections.  3. Rank your projections in order of confidence from 10 through 1.  (10 Being your most confident selection)   4. Make sure you save your selections

You are going to be playing in leagues of 8-12 NFL fans. As the season plays out, you will receive points for selections that become correct. Finish in the top three and receive StatementGames credits. Exchange your credits for cash REWARDS but if you WIN… and one of your selections was New York Giants UNDER 6 WINS… we hope you CHOKE on your REWARD! Be safe and have fun with StatementGames.

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