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Nate Solder To Right Tackle?

by Marco Ceo

Nate Solder To Right Tackle? What Are The Options For Nate Solder?

With all the new additions to the Giants Offensive Line, is Nate Solder now the odd man out? What are the New York Giants options regarding Nate Solder? Should he switch to right tackle? What are the options for Nate Solder?

Keep him at left tackle.
It seems unlikely now that Andrew Thomas was drafted. Most experts see Thomas as a day one started at left tackle.

Switch him to left tackle.
This might be the best option at the moment. Experts predict that rookie Matt Peart will eventually takeover the right tackle responsibilities. If that happens Solder would be a veteran presence for the younger players.

Trading Nate Solder
The New York Giants are unlikely to find a trade partner at this point. Solder’s contract might make a move difficult.

Cutting Nate Solder.
Also unlikely due to salary cap implications.

With both Andrew Thomas and Matt Peart on board, my guess is that Solder with Start a right tackle until the coaches feel Matt Peart is ready to take over.

Nate Solder on switching to right tackle.
“Some things translate over; some things you have to re-adjust your thinking,” Solder said of the positions. “It’s kind of like a right-handed person trying to write left-handed. You are not going to be as fluid and natural at it, but you can train yourself. You can do well and be successful.”

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