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Is Zack Baun A Second Round Draft Pick?

by Marco Ceo

Is Zack Baun A second Round Selection in the 2020 NFL Draft?

In this weeks episode we talked about the possibility of Zach Baun being there in the second round for the New York Giants to draft.

After seeing mock draft, after mock draft predicting this, we still don’t think it’s likely. Both of us believe that Baun is probably a mid to late first round pick. Unless the Giants do something drastic I don’t think he’s going to be there.

Virtual Draft With Dave Gettleman In Charge.

We also talked about the how the Giants will handle the upcoming virtual draft. With Dave Gettleman at the helm, is this A recipe for disaster.

The Giants Also released a picture of Dave Gettleman in his basement war room, Noticeable was his hand pump lotion, must be looking at DT’s.

Simmons, Offensive Lineman, & Where Do The Giants Stand.

Options are plentiful. The New York Giants could pick the best available player at the 4 spot, wither it’s Isiah Simmons, Jeff Okudah they are in a position to pull the trigger.

Episode Hosts
Marco, & Tim

Another possibility is trading back, There are plenty of teams looking to trade up and grab a QB. The Giants can get lucky, if they are able to stay within the top 7-10 range Simmons might be there waiting for them.

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