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Jason Pierre-Paul Visits Officer Sherrod Stuart

by Marco Ceo

Jason Pierre-Paul Visits Officer Sherrod Stuart

Before his own discharge from the Hospital, Jason Pierre-Paul paid a vist to a fellow inpatient on the ward. Pierre-Paul recovering from a planned revision surgey to his injured hand, made sure to visit Officer Sherrod Stuart who was shot in the during the line of duty.

From @iamjasonpierrepaul

On Jan 9th Officer Sherrod Stuart, who is only 25 years old and a member of the 40th Precinct’s plain-clothed anticrime team, was shot once in the right ankle while doing his job in an attempt to break up a fight. What an impressive young man who walked into a very dangerous situation and handled himself very well. Everyday things happen to people, I’m just glad he’s alright. He has great friends and his brothers next to him. I had a pleasure of meeting him before I left the hospital today’ What a great guy and awesome friends he has by his side. #GetBetterSherrod #NYPD

A thank you to @_dfry who sent me this picture on instagram. This post was hanging out in my drafts for a bit, so I decided to clean things up and publish it.

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