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NFL executive: Giants’ Daniel Jones ‘has what you look for’ in a QB

by Guest Blogger

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had his best season in 2022. He was then flawless in his first postseason game against the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round.

Because of his 2022 performance, Jones was able to earn a lucrative multi-year deal with the Giants this offseason. And even though he has silenced many of his biggest doubters, others still have a hard time buying into Jones as a starting quarterback.

At least one NFC executive doesn’t fall into that category, as they recently told Matt Lombardo.

“Daniel Jones has what you look for,” the executive said. “He’s got size, he’s accurate, and he’s plenty athletic to make things happen.”

Jones’ rushing game is a massive part of what makes him successful. However, we may see a little bit less of that this season with the added weapons in the passing game.

Last season, Jones cut down the turnovers heavily which certainly aided the Giants’ success.

With the contact secured, the weapons added and the second offseason under Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka, Jones should put it all together to take a massive leap this season.

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