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NY Giants Cut Ticket Prices

by Marco Ceo

NY Giants Cut Ticket Prices

Well sort of. On Tuesday the New York Giants sent out invoices for the 2015 season to all season ticket holders. Included in this email was an alert that preseason ticket would be cut by 50% as part of a new program aimed to reduce the overall cost of season package slightly for almost all fans.

You will notice some significant changes to your 2015 season ticket invoice regarding the pricing of your tickets. These are the first adjustments to your pricing since MetLife Stadium’s inaugural season of 2010. We have reduced the cost of our preseason tickets by approximately 50 percent. In addition, we have established new pricing for our regular season games. The net result of the changes in pricing for most season ticket holders is an overall reduction from the previous season.

We believe the modifications we have made in our season ticket pricing offers you the greatest value for the overall season ticket package.

Parking will remain at $30 per game and can only be purchased on a season basis.

However the new cost of regular-season tickets for the eight home games will increase $10-$20 for “non-club” tickets, depending on location, and by $15-$25 for “club” game tickets, also depending on location.

The ticket adjustments are the first adjustments since MetLife Stadium’s inaugural season in 2010. I am going to call a small victory for the blog, back in 2012 I asked why are we paying full price for pre-season games. (it was my 1st blog post)

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