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Slim Chance Muhammad Wilkerson Lands With New York Giants 

by Marco Ceo

Slim chance Muhammad Wilkerson lands with New York Giants.

The New York Giants are in a deep search for defensive help, across town the New York Jets are looking to retain their defensive stud.

The Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson is easily one of the top three free agents who could become available this year. If the Jets are unable to arrive to an agreement on a long term deal they still would have the option to place the franchise tag on Wilkerson.

The franchise tag would keep Wilkeson for one year at a guaranteed rate estimated at roughly $16 million for 2016.

Yesterday the Jets released Antonio Cromartie to free up cap space and hopefully retain Wilkerson.

The Jets gave cornerback Antonio Cromartie four years. He lasted one.
In the first of a series of expected procedural moves intended to increase their financial flexibility, the Jets released Cromartie on Monday. They signed him last March to a four-year, $32 million deal that capped their extreme cornerback makeover, but less than 12 months later they cut him to save $8 million in salary-cap space.

A signal and trade is possible, but, highly unlikely considering the Giants would have to forfeit two 1st round draft picks.

I cannot envision a scenario where the Jets do not offer Wilkerson the franchise tag, but, I’m hoping they overlook this one.

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Do the Giants have any chance to land Muhammad Wilkerson in free agency?

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