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Tommy DeVito made Giants history in win over Commanders

by Guest Blogger

Get rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito a chicken parm with vodka sauce stat, because he just made New York Giants history.

In a 31-19 upset victory over the Washington Commanders, DeVito completed 18 of his 26 pass attempts for 246 yards and three touchdowns. That comes on the heels of a two-touchdown performance in Week 10.

DeVito’s five passing touchdowns over his first two NFL starts aren’t just impressive, they’re an all-time franchise record. Tommy Bag o’ Touchdowns now has his own place in Giants history — something he doesn’t even have away from the field as he still lives with his parents. Proudly.

The humble DeVito credited his coaches and teammates for the historic milestone.

“It’s all about play calling,” DeVito told reporters. “Sometimes we get got by the defense and like different coverages versus what we don’t want. It’s up to me just make the right decision and put us in a good situation. But when we had the defense that we want for certain plays, my job was easy. I just give it to the guys in space and let them do what they do and they get it done.”

The sudden celebrity status won’t change anything for DeVito, but he knows his family will delight in it.

“It’s more about my family than anything. It’s going to be more people saying hello to them. There’ll be enjoying them,” DeVito said. “I know they love you one week, hate you another. I know how it goes the past two weeks. It’s all bad and today, I’m sure it’s good. And then you know it just depends on the week, but I’d like to stay even keel minded and just enjoy the process.”

If the New Jersey native wasn’t recognized before, he certainly will be now. And if DeVito ever happens to make his way out to Mulberry Street, forget about it. There will be no staying humble.

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